Excellent animated interpretation of Ramayana

Picture 3-12

turbanhead says: Cartoonist Nina Paley is slowly turning the narrative of Ramayana (a
Hindu Sanskrit epic) into a series of remarkable animations set to a
soundtrack of scratchy old 78s. The result is Sita Sings the Blues, a
"self-animated, unfunded, destined-to- drive-me-to- the-poorhouse

Nina describes the latest chapter, Hanuman Finds Sita: "Gags, gimmicks,
AND narrative - hundreds of pages of text crammed into 3 minutes. Plus
it contains all 4 main characters: Sita, Rama, Hanuman and Ravana, with
extra added bonus demons ... People already familiar with the Ramayana
will probably enjoy these musical bits more, but I'm trying to make the
story understandable to anyone."


UPDATE: Anil Kandangath says: The link you posted to is unavailable since the site is down. However,
the torrents for all four parts are available on Sepia Mutiny.