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When this war is over, we must remember who supported us and who opposed us.

Earlier this week, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, one of the most active suicide terrorist groups in the Middle East, called on Muslims throughout the world to attack British, American and Israeli targets in response to the war in Iraq.

Who is the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade? It is a faction of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah party.

It is not a militant faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization opposing Arafat. It is not Hamas. It is not Hezbollah. It is not al-Qaida. It is Yasser Arafat’s own group of storm troopers.

Of course, as always, Arafat tries to distance himself from such rhetoric. But he can’t – not for people who understand the truth. And that’s why it is so important to understand who this group is and whom it represents.

It is Arafat’s will put into violent action. It is nothing more, nothing less.

Nevertheless, President Bush still seems hell-bent on creating a Palestinian state, with people like this represented in leadership, as soon as he finishes the war in Iraq.

That would be a tragic mistake. If we do so, we will be, in effect, creating a future Iraq – maybe something worse.

This is hardly the only evidence we have seen from the Palestinian Authority that it supports – 100 percent – Saddam Hussein’s unholy reign over Iraq.

The news of the first American and British casualties were greeted with joy in the Palestinian Authority.

The cartoon shown below from the official Palestinian daily, Al Hayyat Al-Jadida, depicting a British and American soldier caught in the claws of the Iraqi eagle, is indicative of the Palestinian yearning for significant American and British losses in the war.

Iraqi eagle cartoon

A fluke? Hardly. Here are some excerpts from the Friday sermon delivered at the Sheikh ‘Ijlin Mosque in Gaza by Palestinian Authority preacher Sheikh Ibrahim Madeiris and broadcast live on Palestinian Authority TV:

  • “… Allah drowned pharaoh and those who were with him. Allah drowns the pharaohs of every generation. Allah will drown the little pharaoh, the dwarf, the pharaoh of all times, of our time, the American president. Allah will drown America in our seas, in our skies, in our land. America will drown and all the oppressors will drown.”

  • “Oh, people of Palestine; Oh, people of Iraq. The Crusader, Zionist America has started an attack against our Iraq, the Iraq of Islam and Arabism, the Iraq of civilization and history. It opened a Crusader Zionist war against Iraq. If Iraq is defeated, if the nation [of Islam] is defeated in Iraq – this will be our last breath of life … It was only natural that America would invade Iraq.

    “When Afghanistan was devoured we said that if Afghanistan would be devoured, Iraq too would be devoured and I warned that if Iraq is devoured, south Lebanon will be devoured too and Syria should also start preparing because the rest of the Arab world fell without war. This is a Zionist Crusader war. It is not I who say this, it was the little pharaoh [Bush] who announced it when he stated that this was a Crusader attack. Hasn’t he said this?

    “I’m amazed at some of the clerics of the nation [of Islam] who cooperate with their [treachery] … I am amazed that they are trying to keep the nation ! away from Jihad … and they issue Fatwas according to which this war is not against Islam, but against Iraq, as though the people of Iraq are calf worshippers or fire worshippers. Aren’t they Muslims? … I am speaking about the people not about the regime …”

  • “Why Iraq? Why precisely Iraq? Is it because it is in possession of weapons of mass destruction as they claim? No. The U.N. has proven that this claim is not true but despite this America wants to wage war against Iraq. Why Iraq, Oh Muslims? Wake up. You’re being attacked because of your religion. Iraq is being attacked for a number of reasons: There are economic and security reasons. There are reasons stemming from personal vendetta, there are historical reasons, and there are religious reasons.”

  • “You all know that America is enduring now an economic crisis that nearly finishes it. Hence it has no choice but to start a war … there should be war in order to raise the American standard of living. Iraq is the only Gulf state whose oil is not controlled by America …”

  • “And there are personal reasons. You all know about the slap in the face which Iraq gave America at the time of the first invasion, when Iraq gave a knock-out [punch] to America, the result of which was that pharaoh the father [George Bush, Sr.] lost the presidency. This is a mark of shame on this family and therefore pharaoh the son returned to power in order to take revenge. The only way to remove the shame is to topple down the Iraqi regime …”

  • “This is also a religious war. What is the connection between Iraq and the Crusaders’ wars?”

  • “Just as Palestine is sacred so is also the land of Iraq, because the Prophet said so …”

  • “America will be destroyed, Allah willing, and Palestine, Iraq and the Middle East will become a cemetery for oppressors …”

Care for more?

The Palestine Liberation Organization’s Faruq Qaddumi told Al-Jazeera TV this week that Iraq’s battle is Palestine’s battle.

“First of all, we salute the Iraqi people for their brave resistance,” he said. “They are defending Iraq but indeed they are defending Pan-Arab security. Therefore, all the Arabs must stand by the heroic Iraqi people because Iraq’s battle is Palestine’s battle, the Arab nation’s battle. Therefore, we salute them. God bless them in their heroic defense.”

You saw the demonstration in the streets of the Palestinian Authority. Understand that those pro-Saddam, pro-Iraq rallies and marches cannot take place without the specific approval of the tyrant-in-waiting Yasser Arafat.

Why would we topple one anti-American terrorist only to create a new state for another?


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