GTA: San Andreas Sex Hack said to be confirmed

Ernest Miller says:

I haven't been able to confirm this myself (don't own the game, won't waste the money), but it should be readily debunked if false. Reportedly, the PC version of GTA: San Andreas includes code for a graphic sexual mini-game that hackers have now unlocked.

Link, includes NSFW screengrabs.

Update: I see that Fleshbot has more on the story: Link.

Reader comment:

Jamie says,

"A video of the sex act (referred to as "Hot Coffee" for the offer to come inside after a date) can be found on this page or here. "

Phillip Harrington adds:

Following up on your posts about sex games in GTA [1] and porn in WalMart [2]. You can buy GTA for PC from WalMart in America, at least online [3]. Not sure if it's in their retail stores, but next time I'm in there *shudder* I'll check.

Brendan W. McAdams says:

I'm kind of surprised nobody has mentioned it yet, but G4's Attack of the Show (on which you've been a guest before) was actually showing live footage of the minigame last week (Kevin Pereira claimed to actually be playing the game the times that they showed it), and they reran it earlier this week ( or it might have been late last week, with TiVo I never can tell what day a show aired anymore). They have been claiming all along that this was simply a patch they downloaded off the web. You can probably grab the aforementioned episodes off bittorrent, or in their show notes.